The local scenery around Viella The local scenery around Viella 203543194 watering the maize 203543126 Dutour One of our morning walks ! 203543182 Towards the mountains A lovely autumn morning again. 141082440 Viella in the Distance View towards Viella from our morning walk 165883829 Towards St Mont View from behind the church towards St Mont and Riscle 203543181 The Vines Vines surrounding Viella 165883662 The office ! 8am Thursday morning 57775612 Early morning sunrise over the vines 128185628 Chateau Viella 203543127 Sunflowers Just coming home from Riscle 161671468 Towards labathe Vines as far as the eye can see ! 168965157 Early morning mist 169265754 The Road to Riscle 10 Nov I love this time of year when the colours start changing. 169265755 Sunset looking towards the mountains 186114662 Petit Mensang Ready for picking ! 203543183 Welcome to Viella Four seasons in Viella ! 203543124