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England 34 France 10 !!!!

Posted by holidaysinthegers on March 19, 2009 at 1:31 PM

I'm sitting here in the office overlooking the garden and surrounded by dogs at the end of another beautiful day. It's been in the late 20's today. Lovely ! 

The last week or so has seen the garden really come to life. The fruit trees are coming into blossom and the spring flowers are at their best.  The piglets are doing their best to keep the grass down so I haven't had to mow it so far  this year !!  There are lots of young calves in the fields around the vilage and there is a real feel that winter is behind us.  Mind you, I won't bank on it though as the weather forecast is not good for next week, but I'm making the most of it while it lasts !!

Over the last few weeks, we have been busy in the vineyards cutting off all the old branches and removing the dead vine cepes (trunks).  The vines are just starting to bud and will really start to come on over the next few weeks. Then it will be time to start trimming.  Last year we had rain and hale for what seemed like the whole of April. This did a fair amount of damage to the vines and several vineyards lost most of their grapes and alot of their vines completely.   For some it was the second year running, so a few went out of business.  I really hope we don't get a repeat this year.

I start work in one of the local vineyards next month. Domiane Berthomieu. Take a look at their website ( They produce really good quality wines and their red wine liquer is surperb.  No doubt I will be bringing a bottle or two home on the odd occasion! 

There was a new arrival at the Camel farm last week.  A white Camel!! She is really cute. Sarah thinks she is about 3 years old. She was bought by a dutch girl who is staying with Sarah for a few weeks. She is in quarantine for a couple of weeks and then, hopefully, she will be able to mix with the other camels.  The orginal plan was for the dutch girl to ride her back to Holland as part of a project for university (usual idea I know), but the camel is just too young, so plan B is to take a donkey instead. The camel is now up for sale. Anyone want a camel ????

Rugby is huge in this part of France. Most villages have a team and most of the players in the national side orginate from the SW.  So, we just had to watch the big match on Sunday afternoon; England v France.   We had a BBQ with a mix of english and french.  The idea was to eat befor ethe match, but as usual, we started late.  However we were nearly finished befpre the match started.  We have a large screen TV in the barn, so everyone was able to watch England beat France in all their glory !  It was great to be able to do a bit of ribbing and watch Michel eat his words for a change!!  England were in the lead from about 5 mins into the game. A great match and a great afternoon. 

I also have some good news. I have sold the last two piglets. The other remaining piglet, white sock, left last week to go and live with a local farm hand. Not being funny, but I think the piglet has more brain cells in his tiny head than either the farm hand or his mate !! We spent half an hour chasing piglets around the pen last friday night, but managed it in the end. Normally, the piglets scream like you have never heard when you catch them, but white sock stopped after a few seconds. The guy seemed to be happy with him so it will be interesting to see how they get on !!    The last two go in two weeks to a lovely english couple who have bought a place about 15mins away. They have their work cut out there, but it will be an amazing place when it's done. The piglets will be in heaven with a huge wood for a home and I think Zizzy and Clara will be glad to see the back of them. They can have a bit of peace for while until the next lot arrive in a month or so!! 

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