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Christmas comes to Viella

Posted by holidaysinthegers on December 22, 2008 at 10:30 AM

The villagers have been busy all week decorating the village for Christmas. It is a big thing here.  The theme is very much wine/ vine based. I now have the pleasure of half a dozen vines on my verge, decorated with coloured foil, and a 3 foot high wine bottle, which lights up at night, outside my gate.  Do you think someone is trying to tell me something ? !!!

Seriously though, the village looks really pretty, with many of the houses in the centre being decorated with vine branches and coloured bows.  At least this year Alan, the local handyman, hasn't made the same mistake as last year where he decorated one of the many large stone crosses we have here with lights. Unfortunately, at night when it was lit it looked like a piece of male anatomy if you get my drift !! 

The bar has finally put up some decorations, well a christmas tree anyway. No lights though -  Bar humbug !


This week sees the huge marquee going up for the new years eve bash. I gather that numbers are slightly down this year with about 500 tickets being sold. At 98E per ticket, that's not bad in the current climate.  Needless to say, very few locals go. They tend to go to Maumusson down the road, a more traditional bal where you can get away with wearing your cleanest jeans rather than having to dress up to the "nines".  Come to think if it, I don't think I have ever seen Michel wear anything other than jeans. Even when we went to a christening most of the guests had jeans on, including him.  Clean, but jeans none the less. Can't imagine that happening in my previous life in the UK.

Yesterday, we had a meeting to discuss last summers' fete. I thought I would go along to show willing. As ever, it was complete chaos. It was supposed to start at 10:30, but we eventually sat down about 11:00. It began with the accounts and the results of the Quille competition. Pretty run of the mill stuff, then we went on to talk about the main fete itself. It runs for 3 days over the Bastile weekend centres around huge meals, drinking and dancing for three days. On the sunday there is always a "spectacular". Last year is was a bull run through the streets. This year is was a horse demonstration. A complete disaster. It lasted for 20mins. So the committee had to refund everyones' entrance fee.  It was when this topic came up that the meeting desended into complete chaos. Everyone having an opinion and ideas for how to make it better for next year and everyone talking at the same time with the committee talking amongst themselves.  After 20mins of random speech and nobody deciding anything, we apparently finished the meeting, everyone got up and we had a few glasses of vin chaud to celebrate another successful reunion.  No wonder everything takes so long to get done in this country !!



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