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The Auction

Posted by holidaysinthegers on December 12, 2008 at 6:23 PM

Well, I finished the translation of the article. It took longer than I thought, but I'm quite pleased with the result.   Now, I just have the rest of the website to do!  If you have a few minutes and fancy a laugh, the website is

Today was the annual trip to the vets. It is a milary operation if you have to leave the house with one or two rather than the three. I managed to distract Poppy just long enough to get the boys in the car. I left her looking forlong. no doubt planning how she would get me back, would it be to wreck the bedroom or put muddy paw prints all over the sofa in the lounge ? She has learnt how to open doors, so unless I find someway to bar them she's in in seconds.     In the past, Prince has eaten dogs while waiting for the vet. Today, the two of them were as happy as larry. Prince went to investigate a cat in a box and got swipped by a huge black paw.  Injections passed off without incident and 99Euros lighter, it was off to view a house auction with Sarah, from the Camel farm, and Catherine. 

The house was in the next village down, it was like walking back in time. It was obviously and old person who had either died or gone into a home. In a way, I felt like I was intruding on someone's life. Everything was forsale, including the kitchen sink.  Out in the garage there was a 1984 Renault 4. If you ever wondered where all the renault 4's had gone, I can tell you - here. I have never seen so many. There are at least 15 in Viella, ( we have a total population of 500 people) and literally 100's in the area.  Michel has a Renault 4 Van. It might be 24 years old and run on an elastic band, but it's done less miles than my car and it starts first time every morning, even in the frost.  So renault must have got something right once upon a time!  

After viewing, we left for the obigatory 1H30 lunch and returned for the start of the auction at 1:30.  2:00 we finally started. Nothing ever starts on time here.  We were all crowded into the tiny lounge. Everything had been cleared away, so if you hadn't made a note of the lot numbers you were interested in and what they were, you were stuck! There were about 200lots to be sold this afternoon. In the UK, you normally go on about 100 -120 an hour. Here, we made 35!!!  It was complete chaos. Catherine caught auction fever and bought most of the kitchen stuff for 5E a box. I think she could equip the whole house with the stuff she bought not just the gite ! Sarah picked up a bargain or too.  I was after some old picture albums, but got into a bidding war with a dealer, so pushed him as far as I dared. He wasn't going to let them go, even at 100E. I had the same problem with a bronze Hare. Only about 10cm tall, but it finally went for 260E. All I can say is I must have good taste ! As for the Renault 4 ? Well, at 500E, someone got a bargain !


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