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The first hint of Snow

Posted by holidaysinthegers on December 10, 2008 at 3:38 PM

It was really cold this morning

I got to the pig house to find that Clara had pulled vitually a whole bale of hay down from the shelf. Goodness knows how she had done it, she's only knee high!!  Zizzie was standing around looking as confused as ever. He still can't work out what these 7 little things running around and tormenting him are. The piglets themselves seemed quite content though.    I am trying to get them used to being handled, but they are really difficult to catch and when you do manage to get one, chances are it will scream the house down! Never mind, Clara will start weaning soon so that will give me more opportunity to get them used to being touched and being hand fed.

The piglets have gone down a storm here. No one has seen black piglets or piglets as small as these before. They even have pictures of them up in the bar!  Several people have been down to see them, but the pen is so muddy at the moment, you stand around more than a few seconds and it is like superglue, you're stuck.     I have managed to sell three of them so far and one of the local farmers might be interested in another - for a pet, which is unheard of here ! Michel wants to keep two for eating in a couple of months.  I'm not so sure, so am trying to sell them and fast !

Lunch was down at the Camel farm in Castelnau Rivi�re-basse. Sarah has closed up for the year as there are no tourists around at the moment, but work goes on.  I love it down there; it's complete chaos. Animals everywhere.   It was trying to snow as I arrived and the Camels were looking decidedly fed up. You could almost read their minds. "Why are we here in this cold field in the rain?  You promised us sunshine and heat".  I often ask myself the same question on days like today !!     Carla, the housetrained piglet, was nowhere to be seen today. Normally, she spends most of lunchtime trying to raid the kitchen cupboards!  Still, warm vegetable soup for lunch - lovely !

The reason for going down for lunch was to pick up my order of english style bacon and sausages. Believe or not, but you can't get back bacon or anything like it here. French cuts of meat are very different from the english and their sauasages are pure meat and so can be a bit tasteless.  They do also make merguez, a type of spicy sausage made from beef and lamb, great for BBQs, not so great for sausage sarnies.  It's amazing what you miss. It's bacon butties for me !  Anyway, we have found this new butcher. He had started the business about six months ago, Bulldog bangers and bacon. Great name !!  He uses locally reared meat and makes his own sausages. They are yummy and about the same price as the french equivalent - for a change ! By all accounts, business has really taken off, even the french are buying from him so that can't be bad !!

After lunch it's back to work. I am translating some articles for our local village website. A group of volunteers have set up a website for Viella and have tried to translate much of it into english , but it doesn't always make sense, so I have offered to help out.  This afternoon I am taking an article about one of our local wines, Pacherenc. Apparently, the wine is "wine of vine out of prop" and the savours are delivered "without turning like the virgins Bearnaise sauces". So wish me luck !!


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